Wildlife and Adventure | 10 Days


Are you tired of visiting chaotic touristic places? Are you interested in nature-friendly adventures? If so, this exclusive tour is perfect for those who prefer a non-touristic experience; also this might be a rare opportunity to explore the hidden beauty of Sri Lanka while travelling beyond the obvious touristic tracks. This country has become more and more popular over the past few years for travellers also as an ecotourism destination. Anyone visiting it has the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint since they can choose to travel in the most eco-friendly way as they possibly can. Sri Lanka is, without doubt, a dream destination for many. The island is small but it has so much to see, from beautiful, mysterious and sometimes wild beaches, breathtaking views from the top of the mountains, tea plantations and opportunities to go on safaris to see wild animals including elephants in their natural habitat. This tour offers also other interesting activities, such as a bull cart ride and a spectacular train journey into the mountains. Sri Lanka is an economy friendly holiday destination; it’s a place where you can have world-class experiences without world-class costs.


Wildlife and Adventure | 14 Days


This fantastic 14 days adventures and wildlife spotting tour itinerary in Sri Lanka will touch your soul with an amazing adventurous experience while enjoying the Sri Lankan hospitality at cozy hotels. The tour will cover the best wildlife sanctuaries in Sri Lanka as well as including fascinating adventures like a nature trail, a forest trek and a bullock cart ride, concluding with some relaxing day on the beach by the Indian Ocean. Your tour guide will show you the most interesting and attractive locations. You will meet fascinating people and you will discover incredible places. We’ll make sure you have an amazing, fulfilling holiday and wonderful memories for a lifetime.