Wildlife and Adventure | 09 Days


This exclusive 9-day wildlife and adventure tour in Sri Lanka will allow you to experience all the existing adventurous activities and wildlife splendors, while admiring the rich eco & biodiversity of Sri Lanka. Adventures and wildlife discovery in Sri Lanka are truly unique: with this Sri Lanka adventure itinerary you will have the opportunity to get to know the history and culture of the country, to experience exciting outdoor activities like jungle trekking, hiking, river rafting and safaris and also to explore remote areas with unique landscapes that you will remember for a lifetime. Sri Lankan wildlife ranges from wild elephants and leopards to sea turtles and a vast variety of birds. The Minneriya National Park is known to have the highest density of elephants in the island and it offers the best opportunity to see animals in their natural habitat. You could spot sloth bears or leopards, watch hundreds of elephants feeding and washing in a tank or lagoon during “the gathering” or be amazed by sea turtles laying eggs. In this tour you will enjoy the best wildlife and adventures in Sri Lanka with the guidance of your tour leader, who has a great knowledge of our paradise island. Sri Lanka is an economy friendly holiday destination; it’s a place where you can have world-class experiences without world-class costs.


Classic & Cultural Tour | 09 Days


This exclusive 9-day journey is thoughtfully planned with a great balance of city and beach time, nature and wildlife, and history and culture. In welcoming hotels and resorts, you may enjoy the benefits of the heartfelt Sri Lankan hospitality. Sri Lanka is renowned as a perfect travel destination since it has everything a traveler could really desire, including beaches, mountains, historical monuments, wildlife, and diverse culture. Your English-speaking tourist guide, who is well-versed in all facets of this incredible country, will take you to a number of fascinating and interesting locations and impart his knowledge of Sri Lankan history and culture. Because of this, we are confident that your vacation will be exciting, fulfilling holiday and wonderful memories for a lifetime.