Wildlife and Adventure | 16 Days


This is an epic journey covering all the island of Sri Lanka within 16 days to witness the nature, culture, wildlife and heritage. Starting from the coastal city of Negombo, proceed to the ancient royal cities with immense religious and historical value, travel to the northern part of the island and explore Sri Lanka Tamil community culture and unique landscapes, and move to the central hills for breathtaking views and tea plantations. Explore the wildlife of Sri Lanka at Yala and Minneriya National parks and finally visit the capital city of Colombo and the Galle fort as an amazing historical jewel enriched by the influence of Portuguese and British during the 17th century in Sri Lanka. Your tour leader, who has an extensive knowledge of all aspects of this incredible country, will show you many fascinating and interesting places and you will get to know about Sri Lankan history and culture. That is why we are sure you will have an amazing, fulfilling round trip and wonderful memories for the lifetime. Sri Lanka is an economy friendly holiday destination; it’s a place where you can get world-class experiences without world-class costs.

Classic & Cultural Tour | 16 Days

The fantastic 16-day holiday package offered with this package is possibly the best you could discover in Sri Lanka. The island is renowned for its magnificent tea estates, gorgeous beaches, and lovely colonial memories. The fauna in Sri Lanka is also very impressive. You will become fully immersed in the country over your 16-day holiday plan and come in contact with the exotic animals that make Asia such a wonder. This island nation has a lot to admire, including elephants, whales, ever-green hulls, and blue waves. This journey promises to be one where you may relax and discover in equal measure, far from the metropolitan cities to the south of the island. So grab your hiking boots, snorkels, and binoculars, and let the adventure begin.


  • Visit UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • The scenic train ride into the mountains
  • Safari wild elephants and blue whales
  • Local curry cooking demonstrations
  • Foot at the Mini Adam’s peak
  • Relaxing beach time at one of Sri Lanka’s remote beautiful beaches.