Romantic Escape to Sri Lanka | 12 Days

Planning your honeymoon or couples retreat? We have designed one of the best private itineraries for Sri Lanka where you’re not just staying at cosy accommodations, but instead you’re exploring the country, you’re interacting with locals, you’re doing activities, you’re visiting UNESCO sites, you’re doing safaris under the sunset and even experiencing a hot-air-balloon tour! Honeymoons and couples retreats don’t have to be boring, they can be adventurous and you can have everything you dreamed of all at an affordable price! Imagine getting picked up at the airport in Sri Lanka and be taken around the country on a private luxury vehicle, spending romantic time in some of the best locations in the country, doing exciting adventure activities, enjoying incredible meals at seafront restaurants, and plenty of sunbathing on the beach. This is why we are sure that you will have an amazing vacation and wonderful memories for a lifetime on this exclusive tour.

Romantic Escape to Sri Lanka | 14 Days


This lovely honeymoon tour plan in Sri Lanka will allow you to visit beautiful and picturesque places in the country and to stay in the most romantic hotels where you both will be treated with warm Sri Lankan hospitality. There is time on the tour to relax and enjoy the luxurious accommodation in each hotel, as well as to visit the island in comfort to see many fascinating sites. The tour has been created to show you the most attractive locations; however you and your spouse have the freedom to customize the tour plan with the guidance of your English speaking tour guide. You will meet fascinating people as well as see incredible places that will give you a lifetime of memories to make your honeymoon in Sri Lanka not just a romantic interlude but also an amazing, fulfilling holiday.

Romantic Escape to Sri Lanka | 07 Days

This incredible honeymoon/romantic tour package is probably the best romantic holiday plan, which allows you to visit beautiful and picturesque areas in Sri Lanka. You will stay in lovely hotels where you and your spouse will be treated with warm Sri Lankan hospitality that comes from the heart. Explore the most romantic spots on the island with your partner as you stroll through historic fort ramparts or enjoy a candle light dinner on one of the most pristine golden shores. Create memories of love as you spend your honeymoon on the stunning pearl of the Indian Ocean.