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Approx. tarfet USD 8 billion revenue by 2025

Approx. 4 million tourist arrivals by 2025

Sector specific 400,000 + talent pool

Sri Lanka has always been a popular tourist destination due to its strategic location in the Indian Ocean. Positioned at the crossroads between East and West, it serves as an easy entry point to South Asia and an ideal destination for leisure and transit. Despite its small size, the diversity of the island is remarkably immense compared to neighboring countries.
Every year, this unique island attracts a large number of leisure and business travelers from all around the world. It has everything that tourists are looking for, including golden sandy beaches and an awe-inspiring underwater life that offer visitors a chance to relax and unwind in a warm and comfortable setting. The beautiful rainforests, mountain ranges, and scenic tea plantations can be visited within a few hours, and travelers can also explore the wildlife sanctuaries. Sri Lanka also offers many investment opportunities to the business world due to its commercial value. After three decades of civil war, which ended in 2009, the economy has been growing rapidly at a rate of over 6% per year. The government has implemented friendly and easy policies to attract investors to the country. BH Lanka Tours invites those interested in investing in the travel and tourism industry to take advantage of these opportunities and offers unique business opportunities.

Investing in Sri Lanka’s growing tourism industry

Opportunities & advantages

Tourist arrivals are up nearly 50% YoY for the last 9 months ending in September 2019

The Hotel and Travel Index of the Colombo Stock Exchange increased by 199% in 2019

Opportunities to target upscale Free Independent Travellers (FITS) who are high spenders

Increased room capacity to cater to growing tourist arrivals (currently 20,000 rooms, with a need for an additional 15,000 rooms in the next 2-3 years)

Tourism is the third largest foreign exchange earner in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's economy is the most liberalised in South Asia. Benefits include preferential tax rates, tax holidays, exemptions from exchange control, and constitutional guarantees on investment.

Investment opportunities in

Sri Lanka's thriving tourism industry


Investing in high-end hotels, resorts, and villas to cater to the increasing demand for upscale accommodation in Sri Lanka.

Leisure and Recreational Activities

Investing in golf courses, entertainment complexes, theme parks, and other tourist attractions to provide a complete experience for travelers.

Shopping Complexes

Investing in shopping complexes to provide a convenient shopping experience for tourists visiting Sri Lanka.


Investing in eco-lodges, camping facilities, whale and dolphin watching, and water sports to tap into the growing trend of sustainable tourism.

Adventure Tourism

Investing in adventure parks and other adventure tourism facilities to cater to travelers seeking thrills and excitement.


Investing in transportation infrastructure to provide a seamless travel experience for tourists visiting Sri Lanka. This includes investment in airports, trains, and road networks.

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